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A livestock consulting service for all operations 

Welcome! We are so glad that you have decided to visit our website. My name is Dr. Frank Abrahamsen, and I am one of the owners here at International Livestock Consulting Services, LLC, where we have a passion for helping people and animals. Over the years of working with people, we have realized that everybody encounters issues or questions you would like a quick answer to in raising livestock. This inspired my team of consultants and me to create a platform where we can provide these answers and other educational opportunities for livestock producers. We aim to provide advice and services to make your operation more sustainable. If you would like to learn more about our services or to see if we can help please do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to help!


Have a great day!

Frank Abrahamsen, MS, PhD

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Picture of Frank Abrahamsen and Family.

Frank Abrahamsen, MS, Ph.D. 

Frank Abrahamsen, MS, PhD, is a ruminant nutritionist whose research and work has focused mainly on utilizing agricultural byproducts as feedstuffs. As one of the owners of International Livestock Consulting Services, he serves as the lead nutritionist and provides comprehensive support to clients in various areas of livestock management. Dr. Abrahamsen brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He has extensive experience in ration formulation, grazing management, and creating nutrition management plans, enabling him to develop customized feeding programs that optimize animal health and performance. Beyond his specialization in ruminant nutrition, Dr. Abrahamsen's holistic approach allows him to address various aspects of herd management. His guidance encompasses herd health, production efficiency, and sustainable production practices, ensuring a comprehensive approach to livestock nutrition and management.

Picture of Andrew Lovelady and Family.

Andrew Lovelady, DVM, MS, DACT

Andrew Lovelady, DVM, MS, DACT, is a highly accomplished veterinarian specializing in theriogenology. Dr. Lovelady is a board-certified theriogenologist, recognized for his expertise in animal reproduction. With extensive experience in the livestock industry, Dr. Lovelady has made significant contributions to the field. He is the owner of Four Daughters Enterprises, Four Daughters Farms, and Four Daughters Veterinary Services, providing comprehensive veterinary care and reproductive services. As a main consultant at International Livestock Consulting Services, Dr. Lovelady offers valuable insights and guidance to clients worldwide. Dr. Lovelady's specific areas of expertise include managing reproductive health, implementing reproductive technologies, and developing efficient reproductive management strategies for livestock.


Maria Lenira Leite-Browning, DVM

Maria Lenira Leite-Browning, DVM retired as an accomplished veterinarian and Alabama state livestock extension specialist. Maria possesses knowledge and experience in small ruminant health, reproduction, and general management. She has authored several extension and research articles on sustainable small ruminant production and biosecurity. She was instrumental in organizing the goat industry in Tennessee and in formation of the Tennessee Goat Producers Association. As association president, she organized several meat goat breeding stocking production sales in Tennessee and Alabama.

She has been invited to present at numerous seminars, workshops, and conferences throughout the United States and abroad to educate producers, extension personnel, veterinarians, and industry representatives on the best management practices for sheep, goats, beef cattle, and poultry including health management, biosecurity, nutrition, genetics, and reproduction. Hands-on workshops have focused on training producers in management techniques such as microscopic worm fecal egg counting, FAMACHA scoring, and artificial insemination. She established working relationships with local, state, and federal officials, universities, breed associations, and international research organizations.

As a Consultant with International Livestock Consulting Services, LLC, she is very enthusiastic to apply her expertise to collaborate with producers and producer organizations, industry representatives, universities and others interested in the development of innovative strategies on sustainable goat and sheep production and drive measurable results.

 Please click here to view Dr. Browning's CV.

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