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Join the growing number of producers!

  • Original Subscription Plan

    Every month
    Designed for clients who would like access to blog post and other educational content
    • Monthly Blog (Topics submitted by subscribing members)
    • Vlogs and Podcast
    • Educational Material
    • Access to an expert to answer basic questions
    • Discount on other services provided
  • 7 Day Pass

    Designed for clients who want access to educational material for 24 hours
    Valid for 7 days
    • Only online educational content (no additional services)
  • Ultimate Subscription Plan

    Designed for the producer that requires site visits from one our professionals.
    Valid for 12 months
    • This plan includes access to all material posted on website
    • Access to an expert
    • Site visit *travel expenses covered by the subscriber

The Subscription

The subscription plans offered above are our main solution to solving the problems that livestock producers of all sizes encounter. Purchasing this subscription gives you access to blogs and educational material that should help you improve the sustainability of your operation. The flat monthly fee guarantees that a consultant will work with you to help you solve some of the issues you experience in your production scenario. Several services are included with the subscription (listed below); however, we understand that the solution may not be fixed immediately, and will take us designing a detailed management plan/solution, or may require a significant amount of work to provide you with the best solution.

It is important to note that the subscription includes a significant amount of services and the list below is just the start!


We are here to help!

  • Included in subscription

    • Review of nutrient analysis 

    • Management questions 

    • Feeding advice (should I supplement in this situation etc. )

    • Herd health advice

  • Reduced fee on top of subscription ​

    • Ration formulation ​

    • Breeding management plan 

    • Grazing management plan 

    • Nutrition management plan 

    • Nutrient analysis 

    • Pregnancy test 

    • Many other services

       Contact us to learn more!!!

cow 1.JPEG

Beef Cattle 

Image by Maxime Agnelli


Image by Judith Prins


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